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Dr. Stephen Jessup - Columbus State University

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Columbus State University

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Stephen Jessup

Assistant Professor

Earth and Space Sciences, Department of


Dr. Steve Jessup joined the faculty of the Department of Earth and Space Science at Columbus State University in 2021. He teaches courses in Understanding the Weather, Meteorology, Global and Climate Change, Hydrometeorology, and Environmental Air Quality. His research interests include precursor indicators of microbursts, the influence of terrain on convection, the cap breaking process, and interactions between space weather and terrestrial weather. His research program engages graduate and undergraduate students in weather and climate research. 

Prior to joining the faculty at CSU, Dr. Jessup taught at SUNY Brockport in western New York.  He has- experience as a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell and Princeton University. He holds three atmospheric science degrees (Ph.D., 2011; M.S., 2006; B.S., 2002) from Cornell University.

Academic Areas

Severe Weather
Flash Flooding

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