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Parking FAQs

  • When will the new parking decal process start?
    The new parking decal process started July 1, 2017. 
  • Why is CSU instituting a parking decal system?
    Proceeds from parking decals will fund campus security upgrades, including additional police officers on campus.
  • Do I have to buy a parking permit?
    Only if you bring a car to campus. If you walk, ride, or take a bus to campus, you do not need a parking permit. As a reminder, you have the option of parking in the RiverCenter parking deck and riding the CSU Shuttle for free.
  • What if I drive more than one vehicle to campus?
    The new parking permits are transferable to another vehicle.
  • What if I park on campus without a new parking permit?
    You run the risk of receiving a ticket and fines. Vehicles with an excessive number of unpaid tickets may be booted or towed, at the driver's/owner's expense. Also, visitor parking spaces will be patrolled to prevent students, faculty, and staff from parking in those spaces to avoid purchasing a permit.
  • How much are the decals?
    The annual cost for a parking decal will be: Students, $45; Faculty/Staff $90; Reserved $180. Faculty and staff members can pay for their decals through payroll deduction. (The form to sign up for payroll deduction is available at HR and Parking Services.) 
  • If I drive a motorcycle do I need a decal?
    Yes, motorcycles are considered vehicles. All vehicles are required decals to park on campus.
  • Where/How do I buy my decal? Can I buy it online?
    As of July 1, you may purchase a decal in the Parking Services Office on the first floor of Illges Hall. Our hours are Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm and Friday 0am-1pm. At this time, decals can only be purchased in person.
  • What if I only teach one or two class per semester?
    The Provost will provide special parking decals as part of their contract.
  • What if someone is just visiting campus for a few minutes? Do they need a decal?
    There are a few number of parking spaces on campus outside Richards Hall and for prospective students outside University Hall. For a temporary or visitor pass, please check in with the department, student, or faculty member you are visiting. He/She can request a visitor pass by e-mailing or coming by our office in Illges Hall.
  • I thought students already paid for parking at CSU?
    Actually, no. There is a parking deck fee, approved by SGA and implemented roughly 10 years ago, that pays for the bond on the parking deck. There is also a transportation fee that pays for the free shuttle services that the university provides around campus and between River Park and main campus. This new parking decal program only applies to those who choose to bring a car to campus.
  • What about part-time staff members? Do they have to pay for decals?
    Part-time staff (including interns) will be treated the same as part-time faculty and will receive parking permits at no cost. This is coordinated through HR.
  • I volunteer on campus. Will I have to buy a decal?
    No. Volunteers registered with HR will be provided a parking permit at no charge.
  • I work mainly off campus at one of our educational outreach centers. Do I need a decal?
    Yes. All full-time employees will need a permit to park in a CSU parking lot.
  • What about visitors/conference attendees on campus or who register with programs such as those offered at the Cunningham Center or Continuing Education?
    Those buildings have new policies in place. Please contact those buildings for details. For other large events on campus, please contact Parking Services.
  • Can we park in the parking deck?
    The parking deck is for students only. This will be enforced more strongly as the new decal program goes into effect.
  • Can I pick up my decal downtown?
    Not at this time. We hope to implement this soon, as well as provide parking stations at events such as orientation and welcome-back sessions.
  • Can employees pay the decal fee through payroll deduction?
    Yes, please contact Human Resources for additional information on payroll deduction
  • How will visitors know they need a parking pass?
    Signage will be upgraded significantly on campus regarding parking.
  • Will parking spots be assigned?
  • When will parking be enforced?
    Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm
  • Who gets a reserved spot?
    For now, only those who previously had a reserved spot. We are currently evaluating increasing the number of reserved spots for the future.
  • What do other universities charge for parking?
    Here is a sample of what some other USG institutions charge for a parking permit on their campuses:
    students (up to) / employees (up to)
    GA Tech $795 / $795
    GA State $430 / $660
    UGA $240 / $720
    Kennesaw State $26 / $1,056
    Georgia Southern $160 / $100
    Georgia College & State $150 / $100
    Augusta $35 / $120
    Valdosta State $75 / $75
    Gordon State $20 / $20
  • I have another question. What do I do?
    Please contact Parking Services at 706-507-8203 or via e-mail at

Transportation Options FAQs

  • Are there other ways to get to class rather than driving?
    Absolutely. You can use the CSU Shuttle or METRA (the Columbus public transportation system). You can also carpool, bike, or walk. See questions below for more details.
  • Can I use the CSU Shuttle to get to campus?
    Yes, the Shuttle runs between RiverPark Campus and Main Campus about every 20 minutes for most of the day. You can also pick it up at Lakebottom Park (near Columbus High School). All CSU faculty, staff, and students can ride the CSU Shuttle free of charge. For a detailed schedule, please see the Bus Schedule page.
  • Can I use public transportation to get to campus?
    Yes, METRA Routes 5 and 6 serve Main Campus. Routes 2, 4, and 8 serve downtown Columbus within walking distance of  the RiverPark Campus. Student fares are $1 with a student ID. Multi-day passes are also available (details on METRA's website).
  • Is it possible to walk or bike to campus?
    Yes, the Fall Line Trace is a multi-use path that runs 11 miles from downtown Columbus through many residential areas to Psalmond Road in east Columbus. It has an entrance on the main campus.
    NOTE FOR BICYCLISTS: The first two (2) miles between the 14th Street Bridge and Fall Line Trace entrance off 10th Avenue requires street riding.
  • Where can I park my bicycle and will it be safe?
    Every major building on Main Campus and the RiverPark Campus has bicycle racks nearby, some of which are sheltered. While Columbus is a safe area, it is always advisable to use a sturdy lock. U-locks and chains are generally more effective than cable locks.
  • Can I put my bicycle on the bus or shuttle?
    Yes, all METRA buses and some of the CSU Shuttles have bike racks. This allows you the flexibility of a multi-modal commute, using a bike for part of your trip and a bus or shuttle for another part.