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Scholarships - Columbus State University

College of Education and Health Professions


All scholarships applications are due by January 31 for consideration for the upcoming fall semester. If you have any questions contact 706-565-1430 or

For each of the following scholarships, please submit an application:

  • The Aflac Teacher Education Scholarship
  • The Anne Dougherty Pergl Altrusa Scholarship
  • The Elizabeth W. Purcell Scholarship
  • The Ophelia Fleming Alsobrook Scholarship Endowment
  • The Mildred H. Hollinshead Memorial Scholarship
  • The Paul and Miriam Witt Family Scholarship
  • The Richard L. Duncan and Dr. Frances M. Duncan Scholarship Endowment for the Physically Disabled
  • The Tina R. Jones Teacher Education Scholarship
  • The Virginia Pekor Culpepper Teacher Education Scholarship Endowment
  • The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of Georgia Foundation Memorial Scholarship

Additional scholarships and grants that are available:

Virtual Advisor