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Academic Focus Areas - Columbus State University

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Academic Focus Areas

Undecided? Find Your Focus

For students who are undecided about their major, CSU offers eight Academic Focus Areas within our Interdisciplinary Studies degree, which will allows students to explore majors within an area that they are interested in. The eight Focus Areas are:

  • Health Professions
    • Related Careers: Athletic Trainer, Nurse, Physical Therapy, Public Health, Hospital Administration
  • Business
    • Related Careers: Accountant, Small Business Owner, Human Resources, Banking, Sales, Advertising, Management, Entrepreneur
  • Education (excludes Secondary Education)
    • Related Careers: Teacher, Special Education Specialist, Health & Physical Education, Coach, Principal, Administrator
  • Computer Science, Math, & Science
    • Related Careers: Doctor, Pharmacist, Forensics, Programmer, Researcher, Actuary, Scientist, Cybersecurity, Video Game Programmer
  • Social Science
    • Related Careers: Attorney, Law Enforcement, Psychologist, Social Worker, Politician, Public Administration
  • Humanities
    • Related Careers: Writer, Public Relations, Historian, Journalist, Film Set Technician, Archivist, Translator/Interpreter
  • Fine & Performing Arts
    • Related Careers: Artist, Performer, Actor, Lighting, Set Design, Musician, Director, Producer
  • Exploratory
    • Still undecided? The exploratory path gives you the opportunity to explore majors and find your pathway!

For more detailed information on Focus Areas at CSU, please see our Academic Catalog.

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