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Embark on Education at CSU - Columbus State University

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Embark on Education at CSU

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Support for Youth in Higher Education

One of the efforts led by the Embark program is to support foster, homeless, and disconnected youth in higher education.

Embark Georgia Statewide Network

Embark Georgia's vision is that youth who have experienced foster care or homelessness have ample academic, financial, social, and emotional supports to access and complete a post-secondary education.

Mission: The Embark Georgia statewide network serves post-secondary professionals and institutions to ensure connectivity, share best practices, and provide information exchange among youth, community based stakeholders, and K-12 education.

The Fanning Institute at UGA offers useful information to help foster, homeless and disconnected youth gain access to college. This collection of tools will help professional in higher education, child welfare, and other organizations support this vital youth population.

Faculty & Staff Resources

Learn more about disconnected youth in higher education. Contact Melissa Young to schedule a training (contact information below).

Concerned about a student? Do you have a student who is in or has left foster care, is temporarily or permanently homeless, is in need of academic, financial, or socio-emotional assistance? Please refer the student to Melissa Young.

Student Resources

Food pantry and clothing are available through the Center for Servant Leadership Food Pantry.

If you are a homeless, transient or fostered student attending CSU or interested in attending CSU please contact Melissa Young (see below).

If you are interested in donating to the Embark fund to assist students who are in transition or homeless, please visit CSU's Online Giving Website. 
Please make sure to check the box to support an unlisted program, and designate your gift to Embark by typing "Embark, Fund #0901."

Dr. Melissa Young

Dr. Melissa Young

Position: Director of Advising
Office: Schwob Library 236
Phone: 706-565-1316

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