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COVID-19 Response and Updates

Self-Report Tracking

Cases as of November 15

The university has four current active positive cases of COVID-19 that have been self-reported by students and employees. This includes three active positive case among students and one active positive cases among employees. Current positive active cases represent 0.04% of the university's total population and a 33% increase compared to last week's positive active case headcount.

Active Positive


Active Exposure


Active Symptomatic


In addition, and to provide a full snapshot, we have added the number currently in quarantine or isolation, but that has not tested positive for COVID-19. These include:

  • Active Exposure Cases: students and employees who have reported being exposed to someone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or have a positive test, but the exposed individuals have not received a positive test themselves.
  • Active Symptomatic Cases: students and employees who have reported COVID-19-type symptoms but have not received a positive test result.

Each of these individuals is working directly with a member of the COVID-19 Response Team to determine the appropriate time for taking a COVID-19 test and their projected return to campus.

Self-Report Tracking Information

Columbus State University takes the health of its employees and students seriously. As part of our efforts to be transparent about COVID-19's effects on the CSU campus community, we are publishing information on current active cases involving our students and employees.

Because CSU has not required COVID-19 testing as a condition of continued employment or enrollment for fall studies (per current recommendations by the CDC), data reported here are from the self-reports received by our COVID-19 Notification Team through the university's online reporting form.

Sharing this data on a weekly basis will hopefully keep the seriousness of the virus — and the necessity for safety precautions like face coverings and physical distancing — top of mind.

In this report, current active cases are defined as the total number of self-report by a student or employee who has received confirmation of a positive test by a medical provider or authorized lab.

In addition, current active cases updated here each Monday are the sum of newly reported cases during the preceding seven days minus those individuals who have been cleared to return to classes or work.

In the interest of protecting students' and employees' privacy and confidentiality, the university will abide by federal FERPA and HIPPA guidelines, which includes withholding personally identifiable information related to one's health.

Media inquiries regarding this information should be directed to

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