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Columbus State University

Schedule for Returning to Campus

Update (June 25th): Please see our Extending Stage 1 Return to Campus Update for additional information regarding changes to this schedule.

In the interest of the health and safety of our faculty and staff, we will be returning to campus in a staggered approach with the following three stages. However, please remember that this is a fluid situation and the plan could change overtime. Employees who are at higher risk of developing severe illness and who have concerns about returning to campus should contact the office of human resources. If you have questions regarding the actual date you should return to campus, please contact your direct supervisor.

Return to Campus Stages

Stage 1 (June 11): Flex Office Schedule: During the first stage of return to work, some Administrative Staff will work on a Flex Office Schedule (40% office and 60% telework), as designated by their supervisors while other staff members will continue 100% teleworking. Individual plans for each office can be found in Appendix D of the Return to Campus Plan (PDF).

Faculty will continue 100% teleworking. Faculty members who must retrieve an item from their office for the purpose of teaching may do so by calling University Police for access, as they did when the university was in the period of Essentially Physically Present Employees (EPPE).

CSU’s physical campus will remain closed to the public.

Stage 2 (July 20): Rotating Office Schedules: In the next stage of return to work, Administrative Staff and Administration Faculty will start rotating office schedules (Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday) while Faculty will continue provide instruction 100% remotely.

  • On-campus office hours for faculty may be established with the approval of their college’s dean, and with full consideration of a rotating schedules.
  • With the approval of the appropriate college dean, current research with previously involved graduate students may resume with appropriate safety precautions.
  • Enrollment Services may have limited campus tours (1 family per tour) and limited face-to-face interaction for the purposes of enrollment.

Stage 3 (TBD): Regular Office Schedules: During the last stage of return to work, Administrative Staff and Faculty will return to a Regular Office Schedules, which will include some courses being delivered 100% remotely as was done prior to the COVID-19 crises. We also recommend allowing only one person in your office at the same time and re-arranging seating arrangement within reception area for visitors 6ft. apart (where possible). The Return to Campus Task Force will be placing appropriate signage around campus to establish recommended social distancing boundaries, installing Sneeze shields where applicable on countertops and placing line markings or x’s on floors to identify safe distancing zones. As you return, please let us know if you feel we have missed an area which needs signage or protective measures.

Stage 4: (August 17) Students will attend classes based on their instructional formats (in-person, virtual, hybrid or extended-classroom). Faculty and staff will continue their work plans as assigned and directed by their immediate supervisors (which may include telework). All official university meetings should continue to be held virtually when possible, or under physical-distancing guidelines when not possible. All campus visitors should continue to call to schedule appointments, and wear face coverings if those meetings are conducted on campus.