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Columbus State University

Return to Campus Taskforce

This taskforce will develop a staggered approach for faculty and staff to safely return to campus in anticipation of returning to face to face instruction (while maintaining social distancing expectations) in the fall semester. This framework is being utilized across all USG institutions. While we are beginning to develop plans to return to campus, we must also have contingencies in place in case we have to return to online or remote instruction for all or part of a semester.

As our plans develop, we will continue to update you via email, social channels, and on the resource page at Please note, that this a very fluid situation and plans may change as additional directives are issued. Please contact Chip Reese,, or one of the taskforce members if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas.

Return to Campus Taskforce Workgroups

  1. Workplace and Health Safety
    • Kelly Wilson, Executive Director of Facilities Plant Operations
      • Vicki Roebuck, Director of Student Health Services
      • Asst. Chief Laura Bennett, University Police
      • Dean Earl Coleman, The College of the Arts
      • Dr. Janet Alexander, Director for the School of Nursing
      • Steve Morse, Executive Director University Support Services
      • Byron Harris, Director of Transportation & Environmental Safety
      • Carole Clerie, Director of Human Resources
      • Dr. Eliot Rendleman, Associate Dean College of Letters & Sciences
      • Bridget Downs, Assistant Dean for Letters and Sciences
  2. Academics & Research
    • Dr. Ron Williams, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs & Academic Innovation
      • Dean Dee Greer, College of Education and Health Professionals
      • Dr. Ron Wirt, Associate Dean, The College of the Arts
      • Dr. John McElveen, Dean of Students
      • Ted Laskaris, Interim CIO
      • Dr. Kevin Burgess, Biology
      • Dr. Bryan Banks, History & Geography
      • Dr. Tesa Leonce, Associate Professor Accounting & Finance
      • Dr. Ianthe Marini, Director of Choral Activities
      • Lisa Shaw, Executive Director CSU Advise
  3. Public Service, Outreach, Continuing Education & Cooperative Extension
    • Shana Young, Assistant Vice President of Leadership Development, Executive Director, The Leadership Institute
      • Interim Dean Annice Yarber-Allen. College of Letters and Sciences
      • Jennifer Joyner, Assistant. Vice President, Alumni Engagement & Special Events
      • Dr. Lance Tankersly, Assistant Director Coca-Cola Space Science Center
      • Dr. Jan Burchan, Associate Dean for Education
      • Samantha Miller Gurski, Assistant Director Continuation Education & Staff Council Chair
      • Dr. Michael Dentzau, Director Oxbow Meadows
  4. Student Life
    • Dr. Gina Sheeks, Vice President for Student Affairs
      • Curtis Walker, President, Student Government Association
      • Dr. John Finley, College of Business
      • Sarah Secoy, Director for Residence Life
      • Dana Larkin, Assistant Dean of Students
      • Laura Pate, Assistant Director, Servant Leadership
      • Dr. Sue Tomkiewic, Associate Dean Honors
      • Dr. Sharon Renner, Assistant Professor Kinesiology & Health Sciences
      • David Mitchell, Director of Enterprise Development
      • Dr. Melissa Dempsey, Director of Student Life and Development
      • Lashica Thomas, Assistant Director Campus Recreation
  5. Enrollment Management
    • Sallie McMullin, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
      • Dean Cindy Ticknor, Honors College
      • Gary Bush, Executive Director of Admissions
      • Josh Becker, Publications Specialist
      • Valerie Alexander, Executive Director for Operations & Infrastructure Services
      • Dr. Jonathan Meyers, Chemistry
      • Dawn Frazier, Associate Professor Teacher Education, Leadership & Counseling
      • Dr. Rania Hodhod, Assistant Chair Computer Science
  6. Athletics
    • Todd Reeser, Director of Athletics
      • Dr. Ellen Martin, Coordinator Kinesiology & Health Sciences
      • Dr. Dorinda Dowis, Professor of Criminal Justice
      • Julio Llanos, Assistant Athletic Director
      • Erinn Bentley, Interim Assistant Director Center for Global Engagement
      • Michelle Folta, Assistant Professor Schwob School of Music
      • Johniqua Williams, LSAMP Program Coordinator
      • Ryan Harris, Director of Campus Services
      • Mike Speight, Coordinator for Intramural and Club Sports
      • Jay Entlich, Soccer Coach
  7. Communication
    • Greg Hudgison, Director of University Relations
      • Kristin Andris, Communications Specialist
      • Dean Alan Karass, Libraries
      • Dr. Clint Barineau, Professor Earth and Space Sciences & Executive Officer of Faculty Senate
      • Dr. Tamara Condrey, Assistant Director of Graduate Programs, SON
      • Randall Bramlett, Director Printing Services
      • Breana Jones, Leadership Institute
      • Dr. Sarah Frigerio-Smith, Assistant Professor Communication
      • Dr. Carrie Reif-Stice, Assistant Professor Communication
  8. Fiscal Impact
    • Jeff Davis, Vice President for Business and Finance
      • Dr. Fonda Carter, Associate Dean College of Business
      • Melanie White, Budget Director
      • Gena Stone, CFO CSU Foundation
      • Brian Senior, Asst. Athletic Director for Business Operations
      • Dr. Hannah Israel, Gallery Director
      • Dr. Nicholas McMillan, Assistant Professor of Art & Faculty Senate Budget Chair
      • Thomas Rice, GIS/CAD Coordinator & Staff Council Budget Chair
  9. University Advancement & Community Partnerships
    • Rocky Kettering, Vice President of University Advancement
      • Dean Linda Hadley, College of Business
      • Rex Whiddon, Sr. Associate VP of Leadership Philanthropy and Strategic Initiatives
      • Cameron Bean, Assistant Vice President of Development
      • Dr. Kim Shaw, Professor & Director for UTeach
      • Mariko Izumi, QEP Director
      • Jimbo Davis, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing
      • Eric Van Bibber, Library Acquisitions Assistant

Additional Information

Return to Campus Taskforce Kickoff Meeting Notes (April 28, 2020) (PDF)