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Columbus State University

Spending Authorization Changes


COVID-19 is forcing universities like ours to rethink processes and procedures that have for years gone unchanged. Rethinking how we manage and maximize our budget is an immediate reality we have to deal with.

CSU is facing unplanned expenses and significant risks to our revenue sources. For example, we provided refunds to our students in excess of $3.5 million dollars due to transitioning to a fully online teaching model. Revenue from 3rd party events is being lost as cancellations have been necessary. Loss of credit hours due to enrollment challenges is a threat as well.

CSU needs your immediate help in controlling expenses. We are putting into place an extremely conservative spending policy – all but the most essential needs.

Effective immediately, all purchases will require prior approval from the appropriate Vice President or Executive Leadership Team member, and the VP for Business and Finance prior to being processed.

This new requirement for authorization applies to spending from all fund categories, except Custodial and Agency funds, funds 60000-62000.

How will this work?

The originator will need to fill out an electronic request form and route it through the Operational Approver, determined by the Vice President or Executive Leadership Team member directly responsible for the area of operations. Team members are listed below:

  • Deborah Bordelon – Provost
  • Craig Burgess – General Counsel
  • Jeff Davis – Business and Finance
  • Ed Helton – Chief of Staff
  • Rocky Kettering – University Advancement
  • Chris Markwood – President
  • Todd Reeser – Athletics
  • Gina Sheeks – Student Affairs


On occasion orders have been placed directly, circumventing the normal procurement process, or items have been purchased with personal funds. Items have been received, and invoices or Requests for Reimbursement forms have then been submitted. This type of activity CANNOT take place. The University will not pay invoices that have not been approved by the appropriate VP or ELT member and the VPBF. Individuals making such unauthorized purchases will be personally liable for the expenses and may be subject to other disciplinary action.

Next Steps

  • Please pause all current purchasing activity immediately.
  • If the purchase is deemed a critical need, fill out an authorization request via DocuSign and route it to your appropriate Operational Approver and the VP or ELT member.
  • If approved by the VP or ELT member, the form will route to the VP for Business and Finance.
  • If approved by the VP for Business and Finance, the approval form will be sent to procurement.
  • Once the fully approved authorization is sent to procurement, it will be matched with a requisition.

Thank you for your patience. Please look for more detailed instructions from the Procurement team shortly.

Jeffery L. Davis
VP for Business and Finance
Columbus State University