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Supplier Information - Columbus State University

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Business and Finance

Supplier Information

  • Supplier Identifying Information Form (PDF)
  • Supplier W-9 Information (PDF)
  • Understanding Frequent Amendments on Supplier Contracts (PDF)
  • Supplier Insurance and Bonding Guidelines (PDF)
    • The attached guidelines explain the minimum coverage required of the Supplier by the State of Georgia.
  • Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF)
    • When a Supplier or other third party approves a contract or accepts purchase order provided by Columbus State University (CSU), they agree that CSU shall only be bound by the terms and conditions attached herein and are the sole terms and conditions for the contract and/or purchase order. The contract or purchase order, with any attachments including these terms and conditions, constitutes the party's entire agreement. No waiver or modification of the agreement's terms shall be valid and may be amended only in writing by express written consent and signed by both parties. Any inconsistency or conflict among the provisions of the Purchase Order and any incorporated documents shall be resolved as follows: First, by giving preference to the specific provisions of the Purchase Order and Second, by giving preference to the specific provisions of the Supplier's written responses and/or Supplier submitted documentation. Any pre-printed terms and conditions included on Supplier forms, quotes, or invoices shall be null and void. By accepting these terms, the Supply or other third party involved shall sell and deliver the goods, material and/or items described in the contract and/or purchase order. CSU reserves the right to and may in its sole discretion, from time to time, modify the terms and conditions.
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