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Tour Guides - Columbus State University

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Tour Guides

Team 58

If you have any specific questions for our tour guides, please email or text them at 706-222-7431.

Our tour guides are eager to share their student experience with you!


Headshot of Halley Doster
  • Halley Doster
  • Senior in Health Science
  • Fayetteville, GA

Headshot of Hannah Graves
  • Hannah Graves
  • Senior in Early Childhood Education
  • Columbus, Georgia

Headshot of Aaliyah McCoy
  • Aaliyah McCoy
  • Senior in Early Childhood Education
  • Columbus, Georgia

Headshot of Keenan Pasqua
  • Keenan Pasqua
  • Senior in Theatre
  • Rocky Face, Georgia

Headshot of Stephanie Ramirez Bocanegra
  • Stephanie Ramirez Bocanegra
  • Psychology
  • Jonesboro, Georgia

Headshot of Lavender Dorsey
  • Lavender Dorsey
  • Psychology
  • Midland, Georgia

Headshot of Amber Elder
  • Amber Elder
  • Kinesiology, Exercise Science
  • Lawrenceville, Georgia

Headshot of Brandon Ellis
  • Brandon Ellis
  • Marketing
  • Perry, Georgia

Headshot of Ginny Head
  • Ginny Head
  • Health Science
  • Leesburg, Georgia

Headshot of Jada Huntley
  • Jada Huntley
  • Nursing
  • Fayetteville, Georgia

Headshot of Joshua Jackson
  • Joshua Jackson
  • Management
  • Fayetteville, Georgia

Headshot of Grant Martin
  • Grant Martin
  • Education
  • Midland, Georgia

Headshot of Katie Williams
  • Katie Williams
  • Psychology
  • Madison, Georgia
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