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eCore FAQs

eCore is a set of core curriculum courses taught 100% on-line and designed for students who need the flexibility and convenience of distance learning.

Each online eCore class has a syllabus and schedule to follow. These classes are not like independent study or self-paced courses where you work by yourself or at your own pace. eCore courses follow a traditional academic semester calendar; therefore, you cannot start and stop at any time. You are part of a class and your classmates will count on you to be an active contributor.

Each course requires at least one proctored exam, but no more than two. You must identify a testing center near your home or work. Each semester you must arrange an appointment to take your midterm and/or final exams at an approved testing center. Exam information and sign up instructions will be made available to you during your course.

For courses and course descriptions offered through eCore please visit

See CSUs class schedule for specific offerings each semester.

eCore courses are found on CSUs class schedule like all other CSU courses. eCore courses are designated by a "G" after the section number (i.e. 03G). Registration for eCore courses is the same process as registering for CSU courses. Students register through the drop, add, withdrawal tab in MyCSU. See your academic advisor or CSU's eCore advisor for more information.

Approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of each new term, registered students should receive an email from the central eCore office via your CSU email address that will include important info like how to buy books, how to get help, and how/when to log-in to GoVIEW, eCore's online platform. If you do not receive this letter please contact the eCore Helpdesk at 678-839-5300 or toll-free, 1-855-93ECORE (1-855-933-2673) or

Note: Students cannot access courses until the official first-day of class. However, you will be able to log-in to GoVIEW, and access the eCore Connections: Self-paced Tutorial course. So go ahead and log in to be certain that your username and password work.

If you added a course during late registration or drop/add, you will receive an eCore letter through your CSU email account within 24 hours after your registration date. If you do not receive this letter please contact the eCore Helpdesk at or 678-839-5300 or toll-free, 1-855-93ECORE (1-855-933-2673).

Before you are able to register for an eCore course, you must first successfully complete the eCore Introduction Quiz(required for all new eCore students). This is a one time requirement.

Any student who has not completed the eCore orientation, will receive a prerequisite error when attempting to register for eCore classes. After completion of the orientation, an automated email is sent to the eCore advisor and to your CSU email address. Finally, you will receive a next steps auto-generated email from CSU's eCore advisor.

A prerequisite error may also occur when a student has not completed the course prerequisites.

Please contact your academic advisor or CSU's eCore advisor for assistance if you have met the prerequisites and you are still receiving an error that prevents registration.

eCore courses are $159 per credit hour. Students are responsible for additional institutional fees (fees will vary based on the student's enrollment status). Visit the tuition and fees page for a complete listing of the current fee schedule or contact CSU's Bursar's office. Financial Aid and VA will cover expenses of eCore courses up to your eligibility.

Yes, you should consult your academic advisor before registering for any courses. If you don't know who your advisor is click here. An eCore advisor is available to answer questions specific to eCore.

Check here to see what books you will need for your eCore courses: (With the exception of lab sciences, eCore utilizes open educational resources. Information on accessing these free resources is available within each course.)

Click here to order your books through the CSU bookstore, which allows you to use your financial aid money.

Important:eCore's academic calendar may differ from CSU's academic calendar.

Links for the eCore and CSU academic calendars are:

Withdrawing from an eCore course is NOT the same process as withdrawing from a CSU course. The following link will provide you with more detailed information related to withdraw. eCore Withdrawals. Deadlines for withdrawals from eCore courses can be found here: eCore Calendar

Contact CSU's eCore advisor for more information.

If you find yourself struggling in your eCore course(s), please ask for help. There are tutoring resources available to you:

  • Smarthinking is an online tutoring service available to all eCore students needing help in Math, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Spanish, and Writing. Tutoring is available through Smartthinking 24/7. Information regarding Smartthinking is provided to you in the Course Resources folder inside your eCore course.
  • Columbus State offers free tutoring services for all core curriculum courses. See your academic advisor or contact ACE for more information on available resources.

Help with course log-in and/or registration or course support:
For log in issues or assistance between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Contact eCore Helpdesk:
678-839-5300 or toll-free, 1-855-93ECORE (1-855-933-2673)

For after-hours technical support, contact the D2L Help Center:
24 hours a day/7days a week
USG D2L Help Center
Toll Free, 1-855-772-0423

Columbus State University Help Desk
Location: Simon Schwob Memorial Library (Main Campus)
Phone: 706-507-8199

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