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Course List

Geology Options

GEOL 1121. Introductory Geo-sciences 1: Physical Geology (3-0-3) This course will explore the fundamental processes that have formed and continue to shape the earth geologically. Surficial and internal geologic processes will be explored in the context of plate tectonics and impacts on society (both modern and historical). Geologic hazards and earth resources will be examined, including the interaction between humans and the geological aspects of our environment. An optional lab (GEOL 1121L) is available to students desiring a laboratory science class. (Course fee required.)

GEOL 1121L. Introductory Geoscience 1: Physical Geology Lab (0-2-1) Pre-requisite or co-requisite: GEOL 1121. The accompanying lab to GEOL 1121. The major focus of the laboratory is the application of basic geologic principles in the identification of minerals and rocks, analysis of maps and geologic data sets, the use of geologic tools, and exploration of the scientific method in the course of geologic science. (Course fee required.)

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