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Columbus State University

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Absence Policy, Graduate
Absence Policy, Undergraduate
Academic Calendar, 2014-2015
Academic Probation, Graduate
Academic Probation, Undergraduate
Academic Programs, Graduate
Academic Programs, Undergraduate
Academic Regulations, Graduate
Academic Regulations, Undergraduate
Academic Standing, Graduate
Academic Standing, Undergraduate
Academic Support
Accounting Courses
Administration, University
Admission, Graduate Requirements
Admission, Undergraduate Requirements
Admission, Basic Studies
Advanced Placement Test
Advising Services Center
African-American Studies Minor
African Studies Certificate
Anthropology Courses
Applied Computing, Computer Science
Application Deadlines
Art, Department of
Art Education Courses
Art Gallery
Art History Courses
Art Studio Courses
Arts and Letters, College of
Asian Studies Minor
Associate Degree Programs
Astronomy Courses
Attendance Policy, Graduate
Attendance Policy, Undergraduate
Auditing Courses


Baccalaureate Degree Programs
Basic Studies Admission, Department of
Basic Studies, Department of
Biology Courses
Biology, Department of
Business Administration
Business Administration Course Listing
Business, Abbott Turner College of


Calendar, Academic
Career Center
Center for International Education
Centers of Excellence
Certificate Programs
Chemistry, Department of
Chemistry Courses
Classification of Students, Graduate
Classification of Students, Undergraduate
CLEP Tests
Clubs and Organizations
College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC)
College of the Arts
College Success Courses
Columbus State University Creed
Columbus State University Mission
Communication Courses
Communication, Department of
Computer Information Systems
Computer Science, School of
Computer Science Courses
Continuing Education
Core Curriculum
Counseling, Educ. Leadership & Pro. Studies, Department of
Counseling Courses
Counseling Center
Course Descriptions, Graduate & Undergraduate
Course Requirements, College of the Arts
Course Requirements, D. Abbott Turner College of Business
Course Requirements, College of Education and Health Professions
Course Requirements, College of Letters and Sciences
Course Withdrawals, Graduate
Course Withdrawals, Undergraduate
Credit by Examination
Criminal Justice Courses
Criminal Justice and Sociology, Department of


Dance Courses
Dean's List
Degrees, Associate
Degrees, Baccalaureate
Degrees, General Requirements
Degrees, Graduate
Degrees, Minors
Degrees, Online
Center for Accommodation and Access, Office of


Early Admission
Earth and Space Science, Department of
Economics Courses
Education, College of
Education Courses:
Curriculum & Instruction
Early Childhood
Exercise Science
Middle Grades
Reading Endorsement Program
Secondary Education
Teacher Leadership
Education, Bachelor of Science in
Education, Curriculum & Instruction Courses
Education, Specialist in
Education, Technology Course Listing
Emeriti Faculty
Engineering Courses
English as a Second Language (ESOL)
English Courses
English, Department of
Entrance Examinations, Graduate
Entrance Examinations, Undergraduate
Environmental Science Course Listing
Environmental Science, Master of
Environmental Science, Combine BS/MS
ESOL Endorsement
European Union Certificate
European Union Courses
Excelsior Exam
Exclusion, Academic (Graduate)
Exclusion, Academic (Undergraduate)
Exercise Science


Fee Waivers, Non-resident
Finance Courses
Financial Aid
First Year Experience® Program
Foreign Language Proficiency Courses
Fort Benning Center
French Courses
Freshmen, Entering


General Degree Requirements
General Studies
Geography Courses
Geology Courses
German Courses
GPA Calculation
Grades, Graduate
Grades, Undergraduate
Graduate Academic Regulations
Graduate Admission
Graduate Assistantships
Graduate Degree Programs and Requirements
Graduation, Graduate Degree
Graduation, Undergraduate Degree
Grants, Financial Aid


Health Science, Department of Environmental Science and
Health Science Course Listing
Health Services, Student
High School Joint Enrollment/Early Admission
History Course Listing
History and Geography, Department of
Honor Societies
Honors Course Listing
Honors Program
HOPE Scholarship


Information Literacy Requirements
Intern Programs
Interdisciplinary Studies Courses
International Baccalaureate Exam
International Education, Center for
International Students, Admission Requirements, Graduate
International Students, Admission Requirements, Undergraduate
International Student Services
International Studies


Japanese Courses
Justice Administration Courses


Latin American Studies Certificate
Latin American Studies Minor
Latin Courses
Learning Support Requirements
Library Science Courses
Loans, Financial Aid


Management Courses
Management Information Systems Courses
Marketing Courses
Master of Business Administration Courses
Master of Business Administration, MBA
Master of Education Degree Programs, MEd
Master of Music in Music Education, MM
Master of Public Administration Core Courses Courses
Master of Public Administration General Government Courses
Master of Public Administration Health Services Courses
Master of Public Administration Justice Administration Courses
Master of Science in Community Counseling
Master of Science in Computer Science
Master of Science in Environmental Science
Master of Science in Exercise Science
Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, Human Resources Management
Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, Leader Development
Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, Servant Leadership
Mathematics, Department of
Mathematics Courses
Math Proficiency Test
Math and Science Learning Center
Medical Withdrawals, Student
Military Science, Department of
Military Service Credit
Minority Advising Program
Modern and Classical Languages, Department of
Motor Vehicle Regulations
Multicultural Student Services
Music Courses:
Music, Schwob School of
Musical Organizations, Student


Newspaper, Student
Non-resident Fees
Non-resident Fee Waivers
Non-traditional Sources of Credit
Nursing, School of
Nursing Courses


Part-time Employment, Student
Philosophy Courses
Physical Education Courses
Physics Courses
Political Science Courses
Political Science and Public Administration, Department of
Portfolio Assessment
Post-Baccalaureate Students
Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification
Pre-Professional Curricula, Undergraduate
Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Prior Learning Assessment
Probation, Academic (Graduate)
Probation, Academic (Undergraduate)
Professional Certification Credit
Professional Writing
Provisional Admission, Graduate
Provisional Admission, Undergraduate
Psychology, Department of
Psychology Courses
Public Administration, Master of
Public Safety


Reading Courses
Readmission Requirements, Graduate
Readmission Requirements, Undergraduate
Refresher Courses
Refund Policies
Registration, Graduate
Registration, Undergraduate
Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)
Reserve Officers' Training Corps Courses
Residence on Campus
Residency Status, Petition to Change
Room and Board


Saber, The
Scholarships, Financial Aid
Science, College of
Security, Campus
Servant Leadership Courses
Servant Leadership Program
Sociology Courses
Spanish Course Listing
Special Education Courses
Specialist in Education, EdS
Student Activities and Support Services
Student Teaching
Study Abroad
Suspension, Academic, Graduate
Suspension, Academic, Undergraduate


Teacher Education, Requirements
Teacher Leadership Endorsement
Testing, Undergraduate
Testing Center
Theatre Arts Courses
Theatre , Department of
Transfer Students, Undergraduate Admission
Transient Students, Undergraduate Admission
Tuition & Fees


Undergraduate Academic Requirements
Undergraduate Degree Programs
Undergraduate General Degree Requirements
University College Courses
University System of Georgia


Vehicles on Campus
Veterans Services


Withdrawal, Graduate
Withdrawal, Undergraduate
Writing Center