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Course List

Theater options

THEA 3435. Advanced Theatre Practice (0-5-1) Prerequisites: THEA 1435 or THEA 1345 and take two of the following: THEA 1366, 1367, or 1368 all with a grade of C or better. Supervised leadership experience in actual theatrical work, including every aspect of theatre. May be taken up to 5 times for credit. (Course Fee Required)

THEA 3535. Advanced Theatre Practice-Lighting/Sound (0-5-1) Prerequisite: THEA 1167 with a grade of "C" or better. Advanced Theatre Practice (ATP) is a supervised practical experience in all aspects of theatre work under actual production conditions. ATP students are those who have already taken other design/tech classes and should now be ready to take on a supervisory production position on one, or more, productions. Students will discuss their area of interest and/or strength with the faculty for appropriate production assignments. (Course fee required.)

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