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Course List - Columbus State University


Course List

Theater options

THEA 1105. First Year Seminar (1-0-1) An introduction to the CSU Department of Theatre. This course prepares and familiarizes students with common terminology, policies and expectations within the department, with special emphasis on career planning and building a resume.

THEA 1245. Introduction to Acting & Directing (2-2-3) Prerequisite: THEA 1315 with a grade of C or better. Fundamentals of acting and directing techniques taught through exercises and beginning scene work. (Course Fee Required)

THEA 1355. Basic Design for the Theatre (1-2-2) The study of the elements and principles of design and how they may be used in scenery, lighting and costuming. The development of free-hand and mechanical drawing skills. (Course fee required.)

THEA 2355. Stage Makeup (0-2-1) Must be a Theatre Major or have permission of the instructor. Basic materials and techniques of stage makeup. Practical experience of makeup for characters from a number of plays and in differing makeup styles. (Course Fee Required)

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