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Course List

Marketing option

MKTG 3135. Consumer Behavior (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MKTG 3115 with a C or better. Consumer Behavior is an analysis of internal and external influences on consumer buying behavior. Internal influences include perception, motivation, personality, and attitudes, while external influences include culture, families and social class. The consumer decision-making process is evaluated with reference to these influences.

MKTG 3136. Advertising and Promotional Strategy (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MKTG 3115 with a C or better. Focuses on the importance of promotional strategy and the measurement of advertising effectiveness. Topics include promotional strategy, media planning and strategy, advertising, sales promotions, public relations, personal selling, and direct marketing.

MKTG 3137. Personal Selling (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MKTG 3115 with a C or better. Concepts, theories and techniques of creating and making an effective sales presentation for retail and industrial, tangible and intangible products. Topics include the selling process, sales presentation techniques, handling objections and closing the sale, territory management, and the management of salespeople.

MKTG 4135. Marketing Research (3-0-3) Prerequisites: MKTG 3115 With a C or better and BUSA 3115 (or BUSA 3111), and Junior Standing. Co-requisite: MKTG 3135. Marketing research and its application to profit and not-for-profit situations involving marketing strategies. The course focuses on gathering and using marketing information from primary and secondary sources.

MKTG 4185. Marketing Management (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Senior standing and 12 hours of completed MKTG coursework. A marketing capstone course which integrates the concepts taught in other marketing courses. The focus of the class is on the marketing functions from the point of view of the marketing manager. Topics include market segmentation and product differentiation, competitive analysis and product positioning, market measures and forecasts, product and brand management, pricing and distribution strategies, promotional strategy, and international marketing.

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