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Course List

Business options

BUSA 3115. Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions I (3-0-3) Prerequisites: ACCT 2102, BUSA 2106, ECON 2105, ECON 2106, ENGL 1102, MATH 1111, and MISM 2115 with a C or better in each. Quantitative applications in a business setting. Topics will include: introductory statistics, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression analysis (with computer applications), and the time value of money. (Course Fee Required)

BUSA 3116. Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions II (3-0-3) Prerequisite: BUSA 3115 This course is a continuation of BUSA 3115 (Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions I). It covers probability distributions, decision analysis, utility and game theory, forecasting, linear programming, project scheduling, waiting line analysis, and statistical quality control.

BUSA 3135. International Business (3-0-3) Prerequisites: ECON 2105 and Junior Standing. Explores the basic concepts and critical issues involved in business operations in the international sector. It examines the impact of trade among nations evaluating the effect of the international environment on product offerings, production decisions, marketing, and financial management.

BUSA 4000. Business Professional Exit Requirement (0-0-0) Prerequisite: Senior Standing in the College of Business. Co-requisite: BUSA 4185. This is a zero credit hour course that should be taken in the last semester prior to graduation. It is designed to prepare business students for graduation. (S/U Grading)

BUSA 4185. Strategic Management (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Senior standing in the College of Business and successful completion of all other Area G business courses. This is a capstone course which integrates the major fields in business. It focuses on applying the knowledge gained from the Area G business core courses and, therefore, should be taken in the last semester before graduation. (Note: Credit not permitted for both BUSA 4185 and MGMT 4185). A grade of C or better is required in this course.

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