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ARTS 3200. Creative Imaging (0-6-3) Prerequisites: ARTS 1020 & Sophomore Standing. A deeper exploration of Adobe Photoshop designed to make use of the advanced techniques of image masking, compositing, creation of graphic elements, use of filters, and artistic manipulations. The course is presented in an open format emphasizing experimentation, creative uses of the program and artistic practices. Students will learn to use Photoshop as an art-making medium while gaining a strong technical foundation. A comfortable working knowledge of Photoshop is recommended, but not required. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 3266. Digital Photography (0-6-3) Prerequisite: ARTS 3265. This is a studio art course encompassing basic applications of digital photography emphasizing contemporary practices and conceptual approaches. The class will focus on proper image scanning and fine printing techniques via computer based output. (Course fee required.)

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