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Course List


ARTH 3115. Medieval Art and Architecture (3-0-3) This course examines developments in the art and architecture of the European High Middle Ages, especially the Romanesque and Gothic periods (ca. 1000-1500 CE). Special attention is given to the historical, cultural, and religious contexts of medieval art and, in particular, to the diverse of roles of art in the Church in structuring religious experience in medieval society. (Course fee required.)

ARTH 3116. Classical Art (3-0-3) This course examines of the Classical World, primarily ancient Greece and/or Rome. It explores works of art that express the communal values of those civilizations whether created for the public or private sphere and how that art was used to communicate those values to a wider world. It also invites you to learn about the stylistic development of the art of the Classical period and how those styles spread throughout the west. May be taken twice for credit if topic varies. (Course fee required.)

ARTH 3117. Italian Renaissance Art (3-0-3) This course examines the art of Italy in from the late-13th through the 16th centuries. It focuses primarily on the art of Florence, Siena, Rome and Venice with a detailed discussion of the social, political, and cultural background of the arts. (Course fee required.)

ARTH 3118. Northern Renaissance Art (3-0-3) This course examines the painting, printmaking, sculpture, and book arts of Northern Europe from the late 14th through the 16th centuries. The course focuses on major artists, monuments, styles, and themes. (Course fee required.)

ARTH 3119. Nineteenth-Century European Art (3-0-3) This course surveys the art of nineteenth-century Europe with a focus on painting and sculpture in France, England, and Germany. It explores the persistence of the Classical paradigm, the challenge of Romanticism, and the development of Realism and Impressionism through the Paris Commune. (Course fee required.)

ARTH 3120. American Art (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ARTH 2126 or permission of the instructor. This course explores the history of American art tracing the development of divergent American artistic traditions from their roots in the colonial period through the early twentieth century. (Course fee required.)

ARTH 3126. Baroque Art and Architecture in Italy and Spain (3-0-3) This course examines the painting, printmaking, sculpture, and architecture of Europe from the late 16th through the 17th centuries, a period known as the Age of the Baroque. The course focuses on major artists, monuments, styles, and themes. This course may be repeated once for credit with permission of the instructor. (Course fee required.)

ARTH 3128. Post-Modern and Contemporary Art (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ARTH 2126. This course is a survey of art historical movements evolved since the apex of the Modern movement in the mid-1960's. Consideration will be given to the art of the last fifty years, within the context of the political and social events of the time, but it will also take into consideration the literature, music, theater, and popular arts. The rise of new media and techniques will be considered as part of an ever expanding definition of the visual arts. (Course fee required.)

ARTH 3129. Popular Culture 1950 - 1980 (3-0-3) This art history course will examine popular culture in the late 20th century.

ARTH 3135. Documentary Photography and Film (3-0-3) By examining the work of documentary photographers and filmmakers, this course will explore the idea of the visual image as document, and the sometimes ambigous relationship between art and truth.

ARTH 3136. The Art of Film (3-0-3) This course will approach the medium of film as art by examining the basic components and techniques of film: film form, narrative construction, mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing and sound. Differing approaches to the history of film style will also be discussed.

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