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ENGL 2156: Introduction to Literary Studies: Poetics

ENGL 2156. Introduction to Literary Studies: Poetics (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ENGL 1102. In this introductory course for English majors, students will acquire a familiarity with the key terms of poetics and will sharpen the tools needed to read, analyze, and interpret poetry. The course will focus on the basic forms, kinds, modes, and divisions within poetry, will teach students how to recognize common poetic meters and provide them with some understanding of the process of scansion, will help them recognize various aural effects, types of metaphor, ways of meaning, and provide them with a working knowledge of the trajectory of the poetic tradition, its prominent conventions, and the role of innovation. The course will also help students develop critical skills related to thinking and writing successfully about poetry, including the application of research.

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