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2004-2005 Academic Catalog


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About Columbus State University

President's Staff

Frank Douglas Brown, PhD, President
Martha D. Saunders, PhD, Vice President for Academic Affairs
J. Larry Kees, MEd, Acting Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Kayron Laska, PhD, Vice President for University Advancement
Lon D. Marlowe, PhD, Assistant to the President and Executive Director, CSU Foundation
Charles D. Pattillo, BA, Vice President for Business and Finance
William R. Johnson, MBS, Executive Director, Computer Information and Networking Services
John Lester, BS, Director, Public Relations

VPAA Council

Kathy Carlisle, MPA, Executive Director, Enrollment Services
William L. Chappell, Jr., PhD,
Dean, College of Arts and Letters
Beverly M. Davis, EdS, Dean, University College
Katheryn Fouche, PhD, Director, Centers of Excellence
Linda Hadley, PhD, Dean, D. Abbott Turner College of Business
Thomas E. Harrison, EdD, Dean, College of Education
Neal McCrillis, PhD,
Director, Center for International Education
Callie B. McGinnis, MS,
Dean of Libraries
Terry Norris, PhD, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
George E. Stanton, PhD, Dean, College of Science
Neal Thomson, PhD, Executive Officer, Faculty Senate
Carl F. Wallman, PhD,
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Susan Wirt, MM, Acting Director, Continuing and Regional Education Services

Administrative Staff

Valerie Alexander-Spicer, Director, Technology and Communication, Enrollment Services
Catherine J. Anderson,
Assistant Dean of Students and
     Director, Multicultural Student Services
Don Andrae, Director, Administrative Computing
Ann Assad, Director, Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative
Forest B. Beach, Director, West Georgia Police Academy
Janis Bowles, Director, Financial Aid
Lane Brooks, Program Support Manager, Center for Academic Success and Student Retention
Lougene Brown, Comptroller
Phillip Clark, Assistant Director, Construction and Building Services
Rick Cravens, Director, Campus Recreation
Joyce Fowler, Director, Career Center
Respent Green, Assistant Director, Campus Services
Camille Hassenplug, Director, Testing Center
Elizabeth Holmes, Director, Educational Technology Training Center
Maria Holmes, Director, Business Services
David Horace, Director, University Police
Laurie Jones, Director, Human Resources
Mario Juestel, Supervisor, Telecom/Postal Services
Christopher Kinsey, Residence Life Coordinator, Courtyard I
Dana Larkin, Director, Residence Life
Beverly Lean, Registrar
Susan Lovell, Director, Admissions
Bert Lyman, Director, Student Accounts
Olivia Macon, Residence Life Coordinator, Courtyard II
Ivy J. Mallisham, Director, Counseling Center
Mike Medlock, Construction Manager
Karen Morris, Institutional Research Associate
Todd Myrick, Assistant Director, Residence Life
Joy Norman, Coordinator, Disability Services
Kim Padgett, Director, Orientation and Greek Life
Geraldine Regnier, Executive Director, Alumni Affairs
Cynthia S. Saines, Assistant Registrar
Vanessa Sconiers, Coordinator, Special Events, Career Center
Paula Simko, Coordinator, Tutorial Services
Randy Smith, Manager, Printing Services
Cindy Spann, Director, Child Care Resource and Referral Agency
Rebecca G. Tew, Director, Student Health Services
George B. Twyford III, Coordinator, Veteran Affairs
Shannon Wilson, Director, Student Recruitment
Gloria Wonnum, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Eddie P. Woodhouse, Director, Plant Operations

Abraham George, Director, Operations and Networking Services
Vacant, Coordinator, Adult Re-Entry Program

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